A Year Complete

One year ago I wrote an article about a failed extortion attempt. Little did I realize it at the time, but this would be the start of an entire year where I would write and publish an article every day. At first the challenge was just 50 days. Then 100. Then 365. This post is the 366th consecutive article and I'm wondering if I should keep going to hit some other arbitrary number or perhaps take a break, publishing things that might be of actual value to the reader. Of course, while on the subject of numbers, this article is the 2,999th; making for an average of 0.636 posts being published per day since the launch of this particular blog run1; a number I wouldn't have expected to reach when this started 13 years ago.

Have I learned anything about blogging over the last twelve months? Absolutely.

There's no denying that writing in a format like this on a daily basis is not particularly easy when there are so many competing priorities. One thing that has not helped has been the lack of a decent blogging tool on my phone. Byword is a pretty decent tool for writing, but it's not particularly effective when trying to search through articles. Markdown is still my preferred format when writing so that I can be 100% certain there aren't any empty tags or other spurious elements wasting space, but this isn't particularly useful when trying to work with images, audio, or video files. Moments where I want to quickly jot something down generally involves an investment of at least 60 seconds due to the speed of application loads, which is not always feasible. One thing that I would really, really like to do is find a dedicated blogging application for the phone that excels in all of these areas. So long as I can find a way to hook it up to 10C, then it'll be a welcome addition to the phone's limited number of applications.

There are a number of apps that might fit the bill, such as Ulysses, but I've not yet invested the time to see which tools might work best.

Writing daily is not at all easy. It takes time. A lot of time. Some of the articles I published were decent. Many were not. Some of the goals I set were met. Many were not. What this past year has reinforced more than anything else, though, is that I enjoy writing for the web quite a bit and would likely enjoy it even more with some better tools.

  1. The first involved using static HTML files written in Notepad and uploaded via FTP to a GeoCities site. The second involved using Windows Live Spaces while dating someone I met on IRC. I'll probably write more about the evolution of this third blogging run for the 3,000th post.