Ice Cream in the Freezer

A month ago Reiko bought some ice cream with the intentions of giving it to the boy. However, rather than offer an incredibly energetic toddler refined sugar, she decided that it would be better to stick with the regular snacks that he's already accustomed to such as a yogurt drink, certain kinds of bread, and the occasional cookie. Not wanting the frozen treat to go to waste, Reiko suggested I have the ice cream and has left me to it for the better part of this past fortnight. Today she noticed that it's not yet been touched.

A little over a year ago I would have jumped at the opportunity to consume something sweet. When I worked at the office, not a day would go by where there wasn't something on my desk that contained a large dose of white sugar or salt. There's no denying that I had an insatiable desire for foods that contained tiny white cubes. That said, this past year has been quite different. Not only am I much less interested in eating sweet or salty foods, I rarely feel hungry anymore. This isn't the result of a diet or fasting program, but just the way things have turned out.

While working at the office, I'd get in about 10,000 steps every day while also working frantically on whatever was in front of me that day. Here at home I get in about 2,500 steps a day while working slightly-less-frantically1. As I'm no longer as active as before, it seems logical that the body is less interested in processed foods. The three meals, four coffees, and five glasses of water I consume every day has proven to be sufficient regardless of how much thinking is going on2.

This does create a problem, though. There's untouched ice cream in the freezer. Who will eventually enjoy it?

  1. It's a little hard to focus intently on stuff when a young child is occasionally screaming for attention from a different person.

  2. I do generally have a snack when consuming the odd alcoholic beverage, as it's not good for me to drink on an empty stomach. That said, this is not a regular activity by any stretch of the imagination.