Watching Artisans

There's something "magical" about watching a skilled person perform a task. When my grandfathers were still alive, I would often watch them build things in their shed or, in the case of my father's father, I would ask him to draw a picture of Mickey Mouse slapping Donald Duck with a glove "Bugs Bunny Style" and watch as he turned a scrap sheet of paper into a work of art with nothing more than a sharp HB pencil. Today I enjoyed a bit of downtime in the park and stumbled across a video of a highly skilled goldsmith turning a pair of AirPods into "GoldPods". He didn't take the easy road and slap a bunch of gold foil on the plastic, though. He went all in and made them the way Sir Ive would expect them.

18K Gold Airpods

This is the level of detail and craftsmanship that I aim for with my work, though there's no way a video of my day would be as exciting or interesting. If we're going to do something, then it makes sense to do it well regardless of what the job is. People will notice when someone genuinely enjoys what they're doing and people will stand back and appreciate when a master is at work.

Not everyone has a job that people notice when things are being done correctly. Generally we only pay attention when something has gone wrong. That said, it's important to look around every once in a while and appreciate the excellent work that so many of us do day in and day out that seldom receives any recognition.