Stupid Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are idiots. The combined cognitive power of every mosquito on Earth would still register lower than that of a shattered ceramic coffee mug. One would think that after billions of executions at the hands of humanity, the darn things would learn to leave us alone. Unfortunately, these insects make poor students.

Stupid Mosquito

People used to laugh when I said that, if I ever found Aladdin's lamp, one of my three wishes would be the instant eradication of every mosquito on the planet. Aside from offering frogs a slightly more diverse diet, what benefit do they serve? The things spread disease and can ruin an evening outside faster than a classroom of cranky children with chicken pox.

The willful extinction of a species is not generally something to celebrate but, if we do manage to eradicate every mosquito on the planet, I'll wear short sleeves at dusk and not shed a single tear. Until such a time, though, I'll need to invest in some better repellant.