Sitting With Nozomi

Moments of quiet are few and far between as of late but, when Nozomi and I are out for an evening walk in the park, we do make time to enjoy a few minutes on a bench next to a ball diamond. This used to be something that we could enjoy several times a week at the old apartment. There was a circular bench surrounding a tree where we would often sit for fifteen minutes or so before heading home. What I liked about this routine was the private time with Nozomi, where I could just chat with her about whatever happened to be on my mind. Unlike a human, she could listen and just enjoy the time together no matter how serious or trivial the topic. These moments were incredibly therapeutic.

The summer heat tends to make sitting outside rather difficult for any length of time, so Nozomi has generally wanted to return home immediately after relieving herself in the tall grass alongside the hedges that circle the neglected baseball diamond in the park. When a typhoon is on the way, however, the air is less humid and a near constant breeze keeps everyone comfortably cool, even when they’re covered in fur. This is the situation we find ourselves in today, with 台風15号1 on the way. Cool air and less humidity ensured the evening walk was enjoyable. When Nozomi saw some benches after relieving herself, she walked straight for them understanding that I’d be sitting down and she’d be right beside me getting a head scratch or tummy rub.

Every evening walk has a conversation topic, which is more for my sake than hers for obvious reasons. Tonight I was thinking about what kinds of software I couldn’t build personally without risking a concern from the day job. Blogging and social clients are non-issues for the day job, but how about multi-lingual dictionaries aimed at adults leaning a foreign language? Would a note-taking application where notes can be shared between teachers and students be seen as questionable. My employer offers neither of these, but I’m seriously considering building one of them for too long.

Nozomi sat next to me in silence the entire time we had this one-sided conversation. At the end of our small rest she list looked at me as if to say “Are you done? I’m hungry.” From there we trekked home.

  1. Typhoon 15 (of 2019)