Just One More Thing ...

How do people manage to put things away when they're in the middle of the creative process? I've met some pretty interesting people over the years who are able to do a bunch of creative work, get in "the zone", start to make headway … then glance at the clock and head home, leaving the current efforts in a half-complete state. The next day they come back in, look over what they were doing, then pick right up again.

This has always amazed me, primarily because I despise putting things away just because the clock says it's time to do something else. In my mind there's always just one more thing that I'd like to finish before calling it a day. However, as one would expect, there's just one more thing after that. Then another. And another. Eventually the sun comes up on another day ….

Being 40 generally means I'm supposed to be smart enough to know the importance of having a good balance in life. Unfortunately this is something I haven't quite mastered yet.