Five Things

Yesterday I had today’s post all planned out. The topic was set as the things that have changed in my life since this time last year, and seven items were identified1 with a couple of notes to guide the direction of the section. After writing the post this afternoon, however, I found the piece lacking. It just didn’t sound right. When this happens, the post gets archived and is generally never seen again. Unfortunately this means that another post needs to be planned and written before midnight rolls around.

Luckily this is a Five Things post, which is generally easier to write.

Rather than look at change, which would have me write about a rather sensitive topic that would likely be misunderstood, I figure this would be a good opportunity to look at five inanimate things that make my days just a bit more enjoyable.

Coffee, with a Bit of Milk

I don't drink nearly as much of this wonderful beverage as I used to, but coffee remains one of the indulgent pleasures of the day. A cup with breakfast, a cup after lunch, and — occasionally — a cup around 11:00pm. When I started this addictive habit at the foolish age of 16, I took my coffee the same way my mother did; with cream and sugar. Around 21 this changed to cream only and at 23 I went with regular milk and haven’t looked back.

Boxer Shorts

This could probably be classified under the TMI category, but four months ago I made the switch from briefs to boxer shorts. This is not the first time I’ve switched, but it will likely be the last as none of the inconveniences I had while wearing this style of underwear at 20 have resurfaced. Summers in this part of Asia are no fun at all when the heat and humidity kicks in by 8:30 in the morning, and briefs are notorious for trapping heat. Since going with boxers, I have found sitting at the desk for hours on end to be much easier.

A Good Work Chair

Until a month ago, I used a kitchen chair at the work desk. There were a number of reasons behind this, such as avoiding the cost of a nicer chair so soon after moving house. Now that I have a more comfortable working chair, though, my legs don’t lose blood circulation and my back is supported much better. It has already paid for itself because of this.

A 24” 4K Monitor

Two years ago I was fortunate enough to receive a 24” Dell P2415Q monitor at work. Given how much of my day is spent staring at a screen, having a sharp image with no discernible pixelation is crucial. This monitor is generally used for image work, Remote Desktop sessions to Windows servers, and a whole bunch of web development. Without this monitor, my eyes would be a lot more tired by the end of every day.

A 13” MacBook Pro

I’ve used a number of computers over the years, but none have been quite as influential in my life as the 2015-era MacBook Pro that I use on a near-daily basis2. So much of what’s been accomplished in the last four years can be attributed to that specific tool. While it’s certainly struggling to keep up with my current workload, the machine is no slouch and can generally do what I need so long as I give it time to process.

There are certainly a bunch of other inanimate objects that make life more enjoyable, such as my home or the spring-loaded leash that gives Nozomi 5 metres of wiggle room when we go out for a walk. The five listed above are the smaller items that I tend to consciously appreciate on a daily basis. Sometimes it really is the little things that can help someone feel better despite whatever temporary trials life may be throwing their way.

  1. I generally try to come up with more than five, then whittle the options down to the target number based on the decency of the writing. This doesn’t always happen but, when it does, a more cromulent post is written.

  2. I’m technically forbidden from using my computers on the weekend, as it’s supposed to be “family time”. This makes freelance projects harder to complete, but time with the family is generally a good thing.