In just 47 days I’ll have reached my goal of writing and publishing a blog post every day for a year. Also, at a rate of one post per day, the anniversary post will also be the 2,999th blog post published to this site. This is a ridiculous number for a personal weblog, though not without precedent. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of personal sites with far more content than I’ve managed to put out, many of which are probably better focussed than this one.

The idea of writing a post every day seems easy to a lot of people despite the obvious challenges with time, interest, and attention. Back in the mid-2000s when blogging was booming and sites like Facebook and Twitter were bootstrapped operations, there would be regular writing challenges posted to sites like Technorati and Digg encouraging people to participate. As one would expect, the first week would see a flurry of activity. The second week saw a steady stream. The third week would result in a trickle. Eventually the excitement would wear off and people would return to their erratic posting schedules1. Maintaining enthusiasm is hard work and requires a certain level of dedication.

Personally, I’ve found it to be rather difficult at times to write a post on a daily basis. Today is a perfect example of this as I’ve yet to open any of my note-taking applications to jot down ideas for the daily article. Aside from taking Nozomi out for her walks in the morning and evening, I’ve not left the house in three days. Excessive heat and humidity followed by a 30-hour rain storm precluded any sort of outdoor activities. What is there to write about? The need for software to be treated as a craft rather than a job? Ignoring a hierarchy to push change onto a group of individuals? My recipe for French toast that both Reiko and the boy seem to thoroughly enjoy?

Well … that last one might be a worthwhile venture. The others, however, are starting to feel old despite the obvious passion I have for the topics.

Fact of the matter is that I’ve been pushing myself way too hard for way too long and, as the cycle goes, I'm sliding into a state of indifference. In the short term, I don’t see the value of Activity A or B, while the long term demands that both be tended to as I’ve made the commitment to myself, and I’m not going to stop something when the finish line is in sight out of sheer laziness. Future me would be quite upset.

And so I write. I write about writing. I write about fragments of memories from the early web. I write about personal inadequacies. But I push onward — I write — because the alternative would be far more unpalatable than the publication of a repetitive post about fatigue and sloth.

Fortunately tomorrow is Sunday, which means there will be a 5 Things post to write. I have just the topics, too.

  1. A common trope in the early blogging communities would be prefixing a post with an apology for not writing more.