Nap Time

Almost every day, after lunch and around 1:30pm, the boy goes upstairs for his nap. When Reiko is home, I use the lull in parenthood responsibilities to head out for a short walk. This allows me to clear my head, listen to a podcast or two, and sit in the park for a short time. Today, despite the occasional bout of drizzle, I sat on the hill while listening to a podcast where a panel of intellectuals debated whether the large tech companies should be broken up or not. It’s an interesting topic to debate and I can certainly see why some groups believe that forcing a company to split up will resolve perceived injustices1. However, while listening to the conversation I managed to fall asleep.

Very rarely do I sleep during the day, but this nap seemed warranted. It lasted perhaps half an hour and, in that time, the mind could organize itself and rest a bit. I woke up feeling quite refreshed despite sitting on a concrete block at the top of a hill while leaning against a chain link fence. Sleeping in the park is generally frowned upon, but there was little chance of anyone seeing me from most of the walking paths. Anyone looking would certainly find me, but my preferred spot in the park is generally quite secluded in the summer.

Napping is something I try to avoid as it’s generally a poor use of my time. There is always something to learn, to create, to fix, or otherwise accomplish. That said, I may have overdone it this month with some of my efforts at the day job, much to the detriment of other objectives and responsibilities. That said, today’s nap was probably one of the better uses of personal time. I just need to try and avoid losing consciousness in the park.

  1. The perceived injustices will generally not be resolved with the imposed corporate breakup, either. It’s unrealistic.