3653 Days

On my tenth birthday my grandfather1 said something to me that made absolutely no sense at the time and I never followed up with him. Later I would figure out why he said it but, being just a young child who was far too nervous around adults, I nodded and kept my mouth shut.

So I guess you're 3,653 days old now. You've a long way to go to reach me.

This struck me as odd because there are 365 days in a year, and I was 10, so that would be 3,650 days, not 3,653. As for reaching him, we were both seated at the same table. I could reach him just fine.

Someone a little older would instantly realize that February 29th in 1980, 1984, and 1988 were taken into account to add the three days to the expected number, and reach in this case was figurative rather than literal. The mind of an uncomplicated ten year old2 is not something I would ever want to return to.

The other day while out grocery shopping with the boy, I remembered a blog post that I'd written a while back about how the grocery stores I used to frequent would have breakfast cereals next to the salty snacks. The post was written ten years ago today and it strikes me as odd that, of all the things I've stopped doing over the years, blogging is not on the list. The first couple of years worth of posts are pretty rough, with obvious grammar and stylistic problems. Many of the posts that I had written in exchange for links from other sites or as paid content continue to exist on here3 as do many of the posts that I cringe to look at today for the out-dated mode of thinking.

As I've said in other posts over the years, these older and less refined items will not be removed from the site unless there is a really good reason. They are a reflection of who I was at the time rather than who I aim to be today. I strive to better myself day after day, which means that having a record of poor writing and incomplete thinking is a good measuring stick to see what has changed, roughly when, and maybe even why.

So if this site is essentially a series of personal documents that outline the evolution of thought through the exploration of memories, opinions, and summaries, is it still considered a "blog" or would it be more accurate to describe it as a "journal"?

In my mind, a blog is generally a site containing posts on a narrow set of topics. A journal is a personal digest that focuses more on what's inside the mind than out. Definitions will vary wildly from person to person, but this is how I approach the two descriptions. This site is clearly a repository of half-started thoughts and conjecture, meaning it's not a blog but a public journal. It's been one since its inception 4,649 days ago on an underpowered Synology NAS sitting atop my fridge in Vancouver. This definition won't change the sorts of topics I write about nor the style, but it's sometimes interesting to think through descriptions to see if how we define a thing is correct or not.

  1. Yep, the same one I keep talking about.

  2. I don't remember everything about this day, but I do remember with a good amount of clarity and subconscious blank-filling this particular moment in time.

  3. There have been some people who have gotten in touch over the years to ask that I remove a post linking to them because they no longer want the association.