Five Things

Last week saw an incredibly productive Monday to Friday, with updates rolling out to several projects and even a couple of bugs being both discovered and quashed in short order. Interestingly, none of this was for the day job. Instead, the areas where I was most productive was with client work and the 10C platform, which is seeing some incredibly noticeable performance improvements. What’s unfortunate is that these side projects cannot (yet) pay the mortgage, so the day job is still a necessary evil.

That said, with another work week about to begin, there are a number of things that I would really like to see take place.

A Boatload of Money

Monday: Win the Lottery

The next lotto jackpot is 7億円, which is 700,000,000 Yen (about $8.6-million Canadian). While I may not play the lottery anymore, I would certainly enjoy the opportunity to walk away from modern employment with a healthy bank balance and the freedom to create new things on my own schedule. The standard bill management would take place up front, with the mortgage being paid in full and a good sum set aside in a term savings account for the boy to receive on his 20th birthday1. But after this there would still be several million to play with, of which I would dedicate maybe the equivalent of two years salary, starting with …

Tuesday: Update the  Kit

Yep, there would be a trip to the nearby Apple Store to pick up an iMac, a couple of tablets, a pair of watches with matching phones, and even an iPod touch for the boy. None of us would need to wait around for our devices to catch up to us until sometime around 2023, which would be a welcome change from what we’re doing today. One additional item I would likely pick up is an TV, which would allow for streaming from devices and a less cumbersome process when renting a movie2. Of course, our TV is 10+ years old, so …

Wednesday: Furnish the Home & Workspace

A nice 45” OLED TV would look great in the living room and would need a matching stereo system to go with it. While we’re at it, another sofa would be picked up, some soft carpet, and a few other creature comforts to turn the living room into a comfortable place to relax rather than the boy’s play room … though he would most certainly keep leaving his toys all over the floor there.

Thursday: Acquire a Nice Video Camera

At the moment any videos that are captured are done with a phone or a DSLR3 that was designed for still photography. What I would want is a camera that can record 4K video and be used both indoors and outside. This would certainly be used to capture memories with the boy when he’s taking part in school activities, but the video camera would also be used for a fun little hobby …

Friday: Start Cooking Show

Given the amount of free time a lottery-ticket millionaire family might have, it only seems logical that we try something new. If neither Reiko or I need to work anymore, then it seems like as good a reason as any to start a new hobby together. We both enjoy cooking and we both have our specialities. A show where we teach each other how to make something from our country of origin might be interesting enough that people would want to tune in and see. Also, because we’d be doing it for fun rather than a possible source of income, we could focus on making an honest show rather than one that tries to attract product placements and the like.

If everything goes off without a hitch, we’d still have 600,000,000 Yen in the bank after the first year, and a growing number every year after that thanks to a low cost of living and a modest interest rate from the bank.

Of course this is all dependent on having the winning lottery ticket, which requires that I buy a lottery ticket. Given the 7 year losing streak while living in Canada, I wonder if my luck in Japan would be any better.

  1. The age of majority in Japan is 20, which might make sense for other countries to copy.

  2. The current process is to rent the video, download it, plug the notebook into the TV via HDMI, start the video, move the video to the TV, then turn the notebook so the screen doesn’t distract from watching the movie. This is suboptimal.

  3. Reiko uses the Canon X7 Kiss for video more often than not, which is frustrating given the camera is not designed to be refocusing every microsecond to keep up with a fast-moving target like the boy. The audio quality also leaves much to be desired. I am a firm believer in having the right tools for the job after learning the basics with equipment already on hand. The cameras did admirably for a time, but something better should be considered when the need arises.