Five Things

It’s that time of the week again where people lament the shortness of the weekend and the length of the working week. For me this is generally when I am the most optimistic for what lies ahead as a list of attainable objectives has been assembled over the weekend and the first of many checkboxes can be marked as complete in less than 12 hours. In addition to having a list of things to accomplish, Sunday is also a time for Five Things™ and maybe a little reflection.

Modern Ink-Jet Printers Rock

The old Canon inkjet has decided to insist on being as difficult and temperamental as a hungry toddler so, rather than put up with such nonsense, we went out and picked up another basic Canon. As a new printer will often come with some sample photo paper, I printed out a couple of photos and was immediately struck by the vibrancy of the colours and the clarity of the image. At some point in the last few years it seems that Canon has also worked out how to print right up to the edge of the photo. There isn’t any colour bleed or leaking anywhere to be found.

This printer will see a lot of use over the coming weeks.


Before the boy was born I would generally clock close to 8,000 steps a day. This was in part because I could invest the time into walking places. After I started working from home, though, this number dropped to just a few hundred steps a day. Now that the boy is more keen to head outside and explore the world it’s feasible to have days with a healthy amount of walking. Last week was the first time in over a year where I averaged just over 7,500 a day.

Hopefully there will be more of this in the future.

Prescription Sunglasses

After what seems like forever, I’ll soon have a pair of prescription sunglasses to wear when out and about. I generally do not wear non-prescription sunglasses as the lack of focus and difficulty in reading distant objects results in a pretty severe headache, so the more expensive option is needed. The last pair of prescription sunglasses I had were actually “transitions” that would (slowly) get darker with direct sunlight. These were broken in 2008 and I’ve been going without ever since.

Yesterday Reiko and I went to a place and ordered ourselves some decent protection. We’ll receive the glasses in 10 days. I’m quite looking forward to this.

Napping in the Park

Yesterday and today I fell asleep while sitting on the hill in the park. This is generally a bad idea, but the rest has been truly invigorating. When I wake up after a ten to fifteen power nap outside, I feel as though I just had a night at a really nice hotel. While I hope this doesn’t become a habit, I do hope that power naps continue to be as beneficial.

No More News in English

Over the last couple of months I’ve come to realize that most of what I read on English news sites is either fabricated or grossly misrepresents the facts in order to push a specific agenda. This practise is nothing new for tabloids, but every source of news has effectively become a tabloid in a bid to inflate thier numbers. I’m not playing their game anymore. If news sites want me back as a reader, then they’ll need to have the same journalistic standards as Japan’s NHK news desk. Nothing else is worth my time.

This coming week should be quite a bit more productive than last week, and I’m hoping that two updates to 10Centuries will restore some of the important functionality that people have been asking for.