What Broke the RSS?

Over the last couple of weeks there has been something preventing the RSS feed from this personal site to Feedly. The last update shows as being March 16th. To the best of my knowledge, I've been publishing a post every day since September of last year. What's preventing updates from appearing on the popular syndication service?

RSS Background

The W3C Feed Validator reports that the XML feed is valid and it's possible to see updates when using an RSS Reader that does not rely on web services to parse, sync, and display feeds. Given the number of sites on 10C, if the RSS generator was broken, then there wouldn't be updates from any account appearing, but this isn't the case. New posts do pop up on an almost daily basis, but not for matigo.ca. The problem must therefore be somewhere within <channel>, and with one of the more recent <item> objects.

Yesterday this site moved over from v4 to v5, which is using a very different mechanism to build syndication feeds. Unlike the previous version of the platform, v5 supports both XML and JSON. Feedly also supports both of these formats, so I added the JSON syndication feed and found that the items are all loading just as they should. Every article, quotation, and bookmark loads without fail. So what's wrong with the XML file?

Looking at the output, there does seem to be some encoding issues with Japanese characters, but nothing that should get in the way of presenting the data. One would think that services such as Feedly have developed all sorts of methods to clean a broken or otherwise malformed XML file. What bothers me about this isn't so much the lack of updates or the fact that we can't do any debugging or check for errors on Feedly's website, but instead the appearance that I've given up the blogging streak. Few of the posts I write are worth reading more than once, if at all, but a post a day for over six months isn't something to walk away from. A lack of updates via an RSS service due to XML problems will look the same as a blogger who has given up.

Writing something every day is not at all easy, as it cuts into other responsibilities and expectations, but it's something I do look forward to. Unless I'm knocked offline for a day or otherwise indisposed, there's little chance of me stopping in the near future.