183 Days

On September 12, 2018 I started to write a blog post a day after reading about a little challenge that Jeremy Cherfas did about ten years ago where he would try to write a post containing exactly 100 words for 50 consecutive days. While I scoffed at the idea of limiting myself to just 100 words in a blog post1, I did manage to hit the 50-day mark on November 1st. From there I wanted to see if I could double that to 100 days, which I did, and then six months … which I have just accomplished. Today marks the 183rd consecutive day where a blog post has appeared on this site and not once have I had to "cheat" by backdating or scheduling for more than six hours in advance2. This is a number that I really didn't think was feasible given the amount of time that I dedicate towards so many other goals.

How feasible might it be to go a full year without missing a day?

Thinking of the Near Future

Over the years there have been a number of blogging challenges that I've tried to set for myself only to fail in the first couple of weeks, so I'm not particularly keen on jinxing this daily groove that seems to be working. That said, there are a couple of things that I would like to aim for in order to make this effort worthwhile. Not all of these are specifically related to blogging.

  1. Use fewer commas - there are just too many in my writing, which I'll admit does lend to an easily recognizable style. It would be better to use longer sentences that do not rely on the same three grammar forms over and over and over.
  2. Keep the Five Things summaries - I like doing these on Sunday nights. There is no reason for them to stop so long as the casual format does not begin to feel like work.
  3. Publish some of the more creative efforts - There are a number of blog posts that I've completed to a certain degree and left as a draft. Some of these might actually be worth publishing, such as the slightly comical post positing "What kind of machine would Dominic Toretto from Fast & Furious use if he used a computer the same way he drove?"
  4. Enjoy the process - writing every day is not the easiest thing in the world. If I ever lose interest in putting something out on a daily schedule, then it would be better to fall back to an easier schedule or simply go back to posting at irregular intervals. Strained writing is not enjoyable to write nor read.

With these points in mind it will be my goal to make the next six months of writing at least as enjoyable as the first six. My grandfather never blogged, but he did write in his journal for over sixty years without missing a day. After retiring he would often paste newspaper articles on a page and then write his thoughts on the topic, which sounds a great deal like what a Quotation is in 10Cv5. Maybe I can consider doing the same after half a century of an unbroken publication streak.

  1. Naturally. Heck, I'll use 100 words just saying "Hello" to my dog in the morning.

  2. I did schedule the post on March 11th to be released at exactly 2:46pm, but this was the only one that was set to publish more than an hour into the future.