Time for More Holidays?

An odd thing has happened at the day job over the last few weeks: I've run out of work. There's still plenty to keep me busy while on the clock, but this isn't necessarily the best use of the company's money. So rather than use my time for the day job, it may be worthwhile to take some days off and spend time with the family and 10Centuries. Quite a bit has been done with some of the more recent updates on the 10Cv5 beta platform. The Anri blogging theme is just about done, the Social theme just needs a few more tweaks, and the Admin theme … will likely be incomplete at the time the system launches. Fortunately there will not need to be a complex administration interface just yet.

The Anri Theme

One of the features I'm looking forward to seeing used is the custom RSS feeds. People who subscribe to a v5 site through an RSS service will get the posts that appear on the landing page based on what the site owner has chosen. However, visitors who want to have just the social posts or just the quotes and bookmarks will have the opportunity to do so through the RSS page. With this, people will have the ability to create a custom RSS feed. What's more, if a person is signed into a site, they'll have the ability to see "Follower Only" posts that will not be visible in the public feeds. All of this will be controlled with a series of toggles, which will then generate a unique RSS feed URL that presents data in XML or JSON format. Even if this is something that few people will use or care about, it's a feature that I've wanted for quite some time.

A number of my static sites have been moved over to the v5 platform already, and later this week I'll be taking the plunge and moving this site with all of its content over as well. While my personal blog does not see an enormous amount of traffic, it does see a fair bit more than the average 10C-hosted site. This is most likely due to its age and update frequency1, but it will certainly be a decent test of the home-based hardware I've prepared to host the service. I'm really looking forward to seeing how well everything performs. So long as the server keeps up its end of the bargain, the entire 10Cv4 platform will be migrated to v5 in short order. The migration scripts have already been written and tested. The home server has 4TB of dedicated storage for the service waiting to be used. And I am growing more impatient to release this updated system with each passing day.

When it comes time to think about a 6th version of the platform, I'll try to keep my mouth shut in public spaces until it's pretty much ready for release.

  1. I'll have more to say on this topic next week.