Five Things

Another Sunday, another summary. Seven days have passed since the previous list, but I feel it’s been much longer than a week. This misinterpretation of time is not necessarily a bad thing. The last few years have flown by rather quickly. I will be very happy to enjoy a slower routine for a while.

A Better Markdown Parser

On Friday I invested a couple of hours to integrate a “better” Markdown parser into 10Cv5, but yanked the code out when it was discovered that the thing would not parse as advertised. The key area of pain was with footnotes, which is something I make extensive use of in both blog and social posts. Regardless of what I tried, the new library refused to consistently parse the footnotes in any reasonable manner. So, deciding it would be better to just code the updates I wanted myself, I extended the current Markdown editor in v5 to handle footnotes with inline links as well as footnotes with multiple paragraphs. I had to stay awake until 1:30 in the morning to get the thing working, but it works:

Markdown Footnotes with Features!

Expecting …

Last Saturday the family and I attended a neighbourhood disaster preparedness course at the nearby elementary school. Most of the retired people in the the area cane to practise building tents, carrying injured people, and securing appliances to walls in the most hideous manner possible. One of the outdoor “attractions” was a truck that would simulate an earthquake of varying magnitudes for anyone foolish enough to get on. I declined the opportunity to relive 3/11 but have been feeling phantom quakes ever since.

Wanted: An Ubuntu-Powered Galaxy Note

I make no secret of my preference for Ubuntu Linux. The OS is installed on every notebook and server I use. That said, I would really like to have it a my phone as well. What I would really like, more than any sane person might believe, is a Samsung Galaxy 9 with Ubuntu. I would do the heavy lifting of making a UI and having the thing frustrate me less as time goes on, but this is what I would really like. The Galaxy Note 9 has a decent camera, a decent screen, and a pen that would let me relive the days when PalmOS was the mobile operating system of champions.

Sadly, this will probably never happen.

Breathing Slightly Better

Despite my protests, today I managed to get some Contac Plus to help relieve the itchy eyes, runny nose, and endless sneezing. The package insists I taken4 pills a day, but I’ll limit it to just two for now. The body doesn’t get medicine very often, so I’m thinking less is more. So far the theory is holding true, but I don’t know if the same will be true on a sunny day. Some trial and error will be needed here.

Sounding Like My Father

The older the boy gets, the more of my father I hear. Tonight there was a little too much playing at the dinner table, so out came the “dad lines”; sentences that barely make any sense outside of their current context. Things like:

  • Your plate is not a frisbee
  • If we wanted you to have rice in your tea, we would have made you ochazuke1
  • You’re not a dog, so don’t eat like one

At some point I’m probably going to start swearing like my father used to, as well. I certainly hope not, though. There are some things the boy does not need to repeat.

  1. A Japanese meal that actually consists of rice in a bowl of tea