Looking Forward to Spring

Halfway through the month of February the weather begins to inch ever closer to something that doesn't require someone to wear a scarf. More people venture out to the parks and more people bring their dogs out. All in all, it's a wonderful time for anyone who has been hibernating for much of the winter … like Nozomi.

Blue Skies Above

The "high" temperatures for much of January were consistently hovering around 5˚C in the afternoons. Nozomi may be covered in fur, but she has found this winter to be particularly uncomfortable. We go out to the park two to three times per day so that she can stretch her legs and enjoy fresh air. However, because of the low temperatures, she generally didn't want to travel farther than a hundred meters in the park. The warmer weather this week was a welcome change for her.

Two days ago we went out for a nice jaunt before lunch and she was in her element, jogging from tree to tree in search of a new scent. As it was just her and I in the park at the time, I took off her vest so that she could enjoy the sun for a few minutes while I snapped pictures. It was a lovely afternoon out. She didn't want to come home too quickly.

Nozomi Enjoying Freedom

But now the temperatures are about to dip and Nozomi is curling up on her heated blanket, refusing to come out from her little room under my desk for more than a couple of minutes at a time. She's looking forward to spring, as are we all.

In a couple of weeks we'll be getting some grass laid in the yard, which will be a welcome change from the exposed soil that we've had since the initial landscaping work was completed last autumn. Once this is done it'll be easier for Nozomi to enjoy some time outside in the afternoon anytime she'd like. The fence around the property is closed enough to prevent her from escaping (without human help), so this will make it easier for her to go out on her own occasionally … despite her insistence that someone always be with her.