Day Six

One can accomplish quite a bit when given the opportunity to do so. This simple fact is proven by the rather nice series of updates that have been made to the Anri theme on 10Cv5, which will become the default blogging theme for everyone using the platform1. While my goal to have the ability to write new posts from the site did not come to fruition, the features that now exist and are working nicely can give me reasons to smile. Some CSS tweaks have fixed issues with some of my earliest posts, and some simplistic thinking has resulted in a pagination mechanism that is more accurate than the one used with v4. All in all, today was a very productive and rewarding day.

Some of the highlights from today's efforts:

  1. On-Site Logins: It's now possible to log into the blog without relying on Javascript to do so. This should make it easier for people who are trying to reduce the amount of code that runs in their browsers.
  2. Contact Form: The Contact form has been coded and wired up just right. This will ensure that people can see new messages in a timely manner, which is something lacking in v4 for some strange reason.
  3. Popular Posts List: This is just a little thing, but it will give new visitors to a site a bit of insight into what sort of posts people enjoy reading. A future update will allow site-owners to disable this function if they choose.
  4. Pagination: I've already mentioned this, but today's implementation is pretty slick. Much simpler than the version in v4, and more accurate.
  5. 403 & 404 Pages: Sometimes it's important to let someone know that something doesn't exist or isn't accessible without adequate permissions. These two pages will make it possible to communicate it clearly. It's the little things that people tend to notice.
  6. Navigation Menu: This is still a work in progress, but the navigation menu will grow and shrink based on what people would like to share with the world, just as one would expect it to.

There are probably a few things that I'm forgetting, but this list will do for now. Tomorrow is the last day that I can invest a large number of hours into the project this week, so the goal will be to make the theme as self-sufficient as possible. Being able to create and edit posts, as well as having comments enabled on the site will be key. I'm still thinking about what to do with anonymous comments, whether they should be allowed or not, but haven't come to any conclusions. The last thing I want to do is go the Facebook route and create a "pseudo-account" for anyone leaving a comment, making it possible for a person to join at a later date and get all of their comments auto-associated with the new account. Sure, this sounds like a useful feature, but the only tracking that is enabled on this site is for performance tuning and identifying how many page loads there are. I'd rather shut the project down than "spy" on people, no matter how convenient a function or feature might turn out to be.

On a completely different topic, I've been thinking a great deal about my facial hair lately. Today marks two weeks since I last shaved, and my face is still covered in patchy stubble no more than 5mm long. How is it that some people can't go more than 12 hours without needing a shave while others need the better part of a season just to show a bad goatee? Given the poor showing, tomorrow will see a clean-shaven face.

  1. There will be other themes made in time, but the Anri theme is the primary one that people will be using when they first create a site.