Day Five

Today was the first of three days where I've been able to dedicate more than a couple of hours to 10C, and it has resulted in some noticeable improvements with the Anri blogging theme, which I hope will be the new default in the coming days. This design is not the JavaScript-free version but instead one that will hopefully present a person's various (public) post types in a readable format while also giving writers the ability to compose items right on the theme itself. While doing this, a couple of the API endpoints that will be used across sites were refined with testing. All in all, I'm liking how the pages are coming along and will push to get this site completely migrated over before the end of the week. Dogfooding a project is really one of the best ways to find all the pain points that people will experience while using the creation. Interestingly, while getting a new development environment set up for the project, I discovered a performance issue that could affect people running the software on slower hardware, such as a Raspberry Pi. The root cause has not yet been discovered but will not remain hidden for long. Seeing local response times hover around 1 second is just plain unacceptable.

Another area that will be tackled in short order is the admin site. For most of the first six months of the project one of the main goals was to ensure that an administration site would not be required. This idea started to fall apart when thinking about how to give people the ability to export their data, fine-tune site settings, and manage an account. NextCloud integration is also on the cards, which means that people will need a consistent and logical way to manage their sites as well as files. These tasks can only be easily accomplished through an admin site. Like the blogging theme, an admin design is already mostly sketched out with some of the basic HTML and CSS classes created. As the week goes on, the admin site will start to connect to the API and come to life.

There's just two more days of the week left that are mostly dedicated to working on 10C. Given how much was completed today, I'm not confident that I'll get everything on the ToDo list complete before Thursday night. That said, of the 81 items scribbled on the pad, 4 have been checked off as completed. This is a heck of a lot better than the 0 that I've seen for most of this past weekend. Let's see how much can be accomplished tomorrow.