Day One

The first of seven days off work is nearing its end. While I cannot say that I didn’t do any work for the day job, I can say that I did not do much at all. Ideally there would have been a true zero today but, as one would expect, the inbox was just a bit too busy to ignore. Fortunately everything was done within 15 minutes and I could go back to enjoying my cup of coffee and thinking about something I’m seriously considering for v5: a site template with zero JavaScript.

As it stands, the two current v5 themes do make use of JavaScript for basic functionality such as displaying post times in the reader’s time zone (via moment.js) and enabling posts to be written right from the front page. JavaScript does have its uses, but it also forces the browser to use a bunch of additional resources to compile and run. When we visit a site that sticks to HTML and CSS, we’re often surprised by how quickly it loads. This is something I’d like to offer to both writers and readers. Depending on the popularity of the theme, it might be something that carries forward with other designs. Not every website needs a JavaScript, after all.

Aside from thinking about 10C, today also managed to be a rather fun one with the boy. He’s becoming much more vocal about everything and he’s learning how to better enunciate his wishes. Hopefully he’ll start treating us to sentences in the near future.

Tomorrow’s weather is calling for snow and really chilly wind. If this is the case, then the family likely all stay home as much as possible. If instead the weather is like today, then I’ll hope to get out for a nice walk where I can think more carefully about how v5 can better differentiate itself from more-entrenched incumbents.