Seven Days

An interesting thing has happened today. Unlike most other times when I am about to enjoy a long-ish weekend, both the work phone and inbox remained mostly silent for the majority of the day, allowing time to focus on the 9 items that made it onto today's To Do list before the end of the day. Colour me impressed.

Happy Face

Starting now, I'm free to relax and unwind for a week, working on just the things that I'd like to work on. Spending time with the people I want to spend time with. Thinking about things I want to think about. This is luxury. While one might think I could have done the same over the recent Christmas holidays and the almost two weeks I had away from work, it really wasn't enough. The last couple of years have required a great deal of energy, focus, and determination to get through. There were bouts of boredom where it seemed "nothing" was happening but, when the slow period gave way to a couple of rapid-fire decisions, work could finally begin.

And it's been exhausting.

This weekend I hope to mostly avoid thinking about code. There will be plans for Tuesday through Thursday, but nothing too crazy. What I'm most interested in doing right now is recharging the proverbial battery and enjoying a walk or two.