Blank Pages

Creativity is a fickle thing. Sometimes the ideas are so plentiful that there's barely enough time to write one down before another competes for attention. Other times it's easy to stare at a blank page for hours at a time and have nothing materialise. There's no switch for us to cognitively switch the mind on, though it would certainly be nice.

The Blank Page

In the last three weeks I've managed to work just over 200 hours which, if I were just counting weekdays, would work out to over 13 hours 20 minutes of each day spent working on corporate objectives. A lot of this has been due to a confluence of delivery dates and I'm mostly in the clear now as the busy days wrapped up earlier this week. Friday is a day off while Monday is a national holiday. The longer weekend will be a nice change of pace and, ideally, a good time to recharge for next week.

Blank pages are generally wonderful canvases. With the right pens and pencils something magical can take place. Concepts can be explored. Ideas can be flushed out. A new idea can be imagined. The spark that makes all of this possible has been missing for much of 2019 as burnout from the responsibilities at work and home sets in, and it must be reignited.

Fortunately, I know just how to do this.

This coming Friday the house is going to smell like a fancy bakery again as banana bread, orange and lemon muffins, and other carbohydrates are created for the enjoyment of family. Depending on how the boy is feeling, it might even be worthwhile to rent a movie or two. Completely switching off and enjoying a few days away from code will do the mind some good, and I plan on making the most of the opportunity.