Five Things

A lot can happen in a week and these past seven days are evidence of this. Birthdays, book completions, life decisions, and walks that climb halfway up a mountain are just some of the highlights of this semi-fortnight.

Pardon the Uncouth Expression, but …

No more delays. This is something I’m tired of thinking about when I wake up in the middle of the night. 10Cv5, the vapourware next iteration of the publishing platform, was expected to be released last summer. Then last autumn. Then January 1. This has got to stop. Like Xzibit says, procrastination’s like masturbation; I’m just fucking myself.

Every release of software I’ve had in the last 25 years has been an embarrassment. Bugs get found. Incomplete items are missed until spotted. Actual performance metrics are unknown until too late. Why wait? It’s time to get the thing deployed, even in its sub-optimal state. By getting something out the door, it will become possible to gauge whether people understand the direction the tool is going and see whether people agree with the concept.

Halfway Up

Yesterday I took a walk north. As north as I could possibly go on foot in 35 minutes. This meant travelling 5.1km and climbing 114m above the surrounding town as I trekked up a mountain in search of adventure. By travelling to newer places around town, I can understand more of the local culture. The next time I embark upon a mission like this, though, I’m bringing my Xoom XY microphone in order to interview some of the people I meet. There are a lot of interesting stories around here.

Exploring the Town

That Time I Chose to Not Kill a Man

In 1998 I planned to kill a man who violated me in a number of ways. I worked out exactly how, and when, and the various alibis needed that would make it less probable that I’d be immediately implicated. As a 19 year old idiot, this seemed the most logical solution to the shame and burden of self-loathing I felt. In the end, I did not go though with it but instead came away with the understanding that I am not a god; I do not get to decide who may live and who must die.

As part of the Self Authoring program I’m working through, I’ll share the story on this site later this week. It is one of the formative moments of my life and resulted in a lot of subsequent decisions that had me wind up in Vancouver and later Japan.


Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes in life and have to deal with the consequences. For the longest time I’ve tried to appear as a less-flawed person so that I wouldn’t have to face up to the stupid decisions I made or the responsibilities i ran away from many years ago. This generally results in having a very shallow history when sharing stories of the past, though. As I’ve gotten older, the shame of admitting failure has diminished. I know I make mistakes, and I’m okay with people knowing about those errors. This may change people’s impression of me, but I’d rather be honest than wear a mask.

No More Day Job by 2022

One of my new-set goals is to leave the day job within the next three years, ideally transitioning to a self-employment sort of career. Over the last few years I’ve gotten incredibly angry far too many times as a result of the politics and hypocrisy that exists within the corporate side of the organization. Most people seem completely fine with the way the company operates and it’s many inconsistencies, but it just eats me up inside. Rather than be angry every moment at the desk, it makes much more sense to move onto something more interesting and less frustrating.

Don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of really great people who work at the company. It’s because of them that I generally work as hard as I do. That said, I am clearly not a corporate creature. It’s better to leave the politics and fiefdoms to people who enjoy them.

This is it for another week. Next week will be another positive-focussed show.