Not too far from here is a relatively decent-sized park where kids can enjoy a well-designed playground, adults can play tennis, casual walkers can roam around in search of Pokemon, and I can sit 36 metres above the rest of the town and enjoy a can or two of キリン 氷結1. Working from home does have a lot of perks, such as not investing two hours of the day with public transit and not going outside when a typhoon is battering the country, but being confined to a single building for any period of time will make a person want to escape to get some air. This is generally what I do on the weekends while the boy is asleep but, when the situation at the day job is particularly irksome, an afternoon trek to the park is in order.

A Panoramic View of the Spot

What's nice about this particular spot is that I can get there by foot in under ten minutes and it's rarely frequented by others despite being a literal stone's-throw from the main park area. The lack of distraction makes it an ideal location to read a book, listen to a podcast, or just watch the world go by. Sitting outdoors in solitude while completely offline can be incredibly restorative.

  1. Kirin Chuuhai