An Abundance of Devices

While on the way home from the day job's Tokyo HQ today I wondered if there were perhaps too many devices in my bag. A pair of notebooks. A pair of tablets. A pair of phones. A mouse. Even a couple of dongles. Two of these items belonged to me while the rest were from the day job, collected over a period of years to help me carry out my various responsibilities. As with every resource, I generally put them to use right away, but I sometimes consider whether it's justified for me to have so many devices at my disposal given that my role has changed from being primarily a developer to more of a data person. There are times when I will break out the code editor and hammer out some solutions but, for the most part, I'm expected to be working with databases and datasets more than interfaces and APIs.

Should there ever be a change in my employment status, be it intentional or otherwise, a lot of decent hardware will need to be shipped back to Tokyo. While I do often look for alternative organisations that may better suit my interests, I really shouldn't complain about the current job given the freedom, flexibility, and resources that are often made available to let me solve complex problems.