Five Things

Another Sunday, another list.

Tomorrow’s a Holiday?

Working from home has a lot of benefits. One consequence, however, is the inability to pick up when national holidays are on the agenda. This morning when I was reminded that two days still remained in the weekend my first response was: Seriously? Dammit! I have work to do!

This is clearly not a very healthy response to days off.

Sticking With a Flip Phone

Until the Librem 5 is available for sale, it’s not even worth considering a different device. I’ve been using the work-supplied Sharp 202-SH as my primary phone since August and satisfied with its operation and crisp audio quality when making calls. As the monthly cost of the device is just under $9, it makes zero sense to consider anything else given my continued migration away from commercial operating systems1. The flip phone can still collect a great deal of information about me, but I can also yank the battery if I truly wish to be “off the grid”.

The Boy Can Throw a Tantrum

That time of childhood has made itself known today with the boy throwing a fit worthy of the White House when he was forced to leave the park to have lunch at home. There was a lot of kicking, screaming, and tears to go along with the runny nose that kids seem to develop in short order. What’s interesting is that he was quickly placated when presented with lunch and soon became drowsy thanks to the 20-minute sustained emotional outburst. Before he could even finish his food, his head was on the table and he was ready for a nap.

Being a responsible adult means having more time and patience than a 2 year-old has rage. Fortunately the boy’s anger bothers me less than the faux rage from “managers” one can see at the day job.


Nozomi and I go out after the sun sets for her evening walk. What this means is that while she’s sniffing the ground and keeping her eyes low, I’m looking up at the distant light from celestial bodies far, far away. Light pollution is very much an issue in this part of the country, but there are far more stars visible from the new home than the previous one. I should really bring the tripod and DSLR out for some long-exposure photography.

Personal Stories

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been sharing a number of stories from my past, and there are many more that I’d like to publish on here in the near future. What I find interesting about writing these memories down is the amount of detail that I can recall. If I were a better writer these details could be included. Perhaps I’ll give it a shot anyway. It’s not like these posts are literary works of art.

It would be interesting to know what others think about these personal stories. The events that shaped my life are likely uninteresting to most people, but two readers have said they’ve enjoyed reading about my trials and evolutions.

  1. There’s a rather lengthy blog post on this topic in the works, but it seems to have gone almost full Richard Stallman. Long story short, I cannot trust any of the four main consumer operating systems — Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android — as they do not have my best interests in mind.