Never Mind the Chill

While out for a short walk this evening a number of young boys ran past me wearing shorts and a t-shirt, laughing as though they were enjoying the feel of 2˚C air against their purpling skin. Given the time of day, they were likely coming from the elementary school about half a kilometre down the road and on their way home for dinner. Seeing them without much protection from the cold reminded me of my own silliness as a child when I'd wear shorts until the mercury dipped below -5˚C and didn't even consider zipping up my winter jacket until -15˚C or a strong wind.

Doing this now would likely result in an ambulance ride.

Minus Twenty

There's a lot to like about being young. Time operates on a completely different scale. Unhealthy foods can be guilt-free pleasures for days at a time before the consequences build up to noticeable levels. And temperature ain't nuttin' but a number. When is it that our bodies change from being resilient and nimble to vulnerable and stiff? While I would not like to live through my childhood again, I would very much enjoy the benefits of being in a 17~19 year old body again1. Mind you, if I were to have a young body again, I wouldn't grow a mullet. Some youthful follies are best left lost in the sands of time.

While I still much prefer the winter to summer2, I'm not at all a fan on wearing multiple layers of thick clothes before leaving the home. Mobility is more restricted. Senses are dulled. Static is an inescapable foe. Fortunately the spring is just a few months away.

  1. Aside from the knee pain that I used to have as a teen. My goodness that was not at all fun. For years my knees were incredibly sensitive to touch and it felt like the muscles were being stretched to the limit whenever I needed to kneel. Fortunately that cleared up sometime around 20 ...
  2. There are no mosquitoes in winter. Any season with an absence of mosquitoes will be my favourite. Unfortunately there is just one.