Five Things

A couple of weeks have passed since the previous Five Things post, so it’s most certainly time for another instalment of this lazy Sunday theme.


The boy will be two years old later this month and his development has been interesting to watch over these last few months. While he’s a little behind the curve in a couple of areas, he’s no dummy. Based on information from daddy blogs, parenting books, and a parenting support TV show, his speaking ability and pattern recognition skills are well ahead of his peers. This can be seen first hand when he’s solving a jigsaw puzzle targeted at five year old children while blabbing non-stop in both English and Japanese about what he sees on each cardboard piece.

Time will tell if this compulsive desire to communicate will survive the next couple of stages of cognitive development.

Out of Podcasts

In 2018 I managed to produce and publish just over 200 podcast episodes. Very few of these were mine. After learning audio production skills and getting practice with my own shows in 2014 and 2015, I started to help some members of my community create shows of their own. People had ideas, but were unsure about what was involved with all the unheard aspects of podcasting. So for three years I worked with a bunch of very creative people to release shows about gardening, local history, classic literature, regional train stations, and — oddly enough — stray cats. Many shows fizzled out after a couple of months but, in 2017, one show was picked up by a radio station in Osaka and turned into a professional show. Last year two other shows followed suit. The last episode that I produced and published was on December 18th, which has left me without any podcasts to work on ….

A New Podcast?

As with many other creative endeavours, I’ve had a number of ideas for podcasts over the last few years that I’ve wanted to try out to see whether they’d work. Time, however, is an incredibly limited commodity. Now that there are a few extra hours for creative pursuits every week, it seems like an opportune time to get back into a regular groove. The question now is what sort of show would I like to make?

FTaaP? (Five Things as a Podcast)

One idea that’s been rolling around in my head the last few weeks is the idea of doing a weekly podcast that focuses on good news. Every episode would present five genuinely good things that happened around the world with a little bit of commentary. Despite all the insanity that seems to fill the news cycle every day, there are a lot of wonderful things that get reported and immediately lost in a sea of political drama and social media rage. Sharing some good news would be a nice way to remember that the world is in a much better place today than at any other time in human history.

But What About v5?

Yeah, I’m working on that a minimum of three hours per day. There’s a lot I like about it and a lot that’s not as bug-free as I want it to be. At some point I’ll just have to bite the bullet and release the thing, but I’d really like to ensure that people who use v4 don’t see the new version as a downgrade while some features take time to come out. Then again, given the decreasing usage, I could probably release the update and only a handful of people would notice.

So there we have it, the first of many Five Things instalments for 2019.