The Glorious Sound of Silence

The New Year holiday is a lovely time of year in Japan as people make their way back to their hometowns to spend time with family. Generally this means that road traffic drops to a minimum and, for the briefest of time, the amount of ambient noise outside drops to near imperceptible levels, as was the case this evening when Nozomi and I went out for her evening walk. Cars can be heard coming down the road several minutes before they are seen. The nearby highway, some 9km to the southeast, can be heard. The stready clack-clack clack-clack from trains 6km to the west is more easily discernible. Air traffic from the two nearby military bases all but disappears as training scenarios are put on hold until the new year.

It nice. Really nice.

Tomorrow will be rather busy as we make our way to visit Reiko’s parents and siblings in the next prefecture but, for as long as is feasible, I’m going to enjoy the quiet that is only possible at this time of year.