Unpopular Opinion

A few months back I stumbled across CinemaWins on YouTube, a channel dedicated to pointing out all the good things in movies. This positivity is in direct contrast to a lot of hate that can be found all over the web on just about any subject, be it warranted or not. At first I went through some of the Marvel Universe reviews, then Pixar, then random movies that looked interesting but I haven’t seen. Eventually I decided to watch the positive reviews of the J.J. Abrams Star Trek movies. While I am still not a fan of this reboot, I’ll admit that I dislike the films a lot less. The next challenge was the Star Wars prequels. While I am not at all a Star Wars fanboy, I do recall strongly disliking Episodes I to III for a number of reasons. After watching CinemaWins and seeing all the parts of the movies that were done well, I opted to invest the 7+ hours and watch these three movies again.

I was not disappointed.

While the Star Wars prequels do have their rough spots, they’re not nearly as bad as I remember them being when I watched them in the theatre. Episode I at times felt like an episode of Full House, with JarJar playing the role of Kimmie Gibbler and Anakin being Stephanie without DJ or Michelle to get in the way. Episode II’s political scenes felt a little like a high school special where the awkward kid — JarJar — wants to be cool so meekly acquiesces to the expectations of the cool kids — Palpatine & Co. —, while the rest of the supposed senate goes along for the ride, never considering the consequences of their actions or examining the situation through the lens of history. Episode III suffered the most from the unrealistic conversations and my most-despised moment in movie history, the stupidly-shifting gravity on Grievous’s starship as it was falling towards the planet. Despite these creative decisions, though, I could set everything aside and just focus on the story and what went well in the movies. As a result, I’ve come away knowing a little bit more about Star Wars canon and the reasons for why the Jedi were so easily vanquished.

The tag line for CinemaWins has got it right when they say “Because liking things is more fun than not liking things.”

Given the abundance of negativity, rage, and activism — justified or not — across the web, it’s nice to see something like CinemaWins come along and remind us of all the good that we seem to ignore. It’s clear that I’ve taken some movies way too seriously and should remember that these things are creative works with the goal to entertain, not educate. Movies do not need to be 100% believable to be enjoyable. They just need to tell a story as well they can with the resources available.