Not Management Material

Earlier today I was asked if I've ever considered moving up to a management role at the day job. The person asking knows some of what I've done there since 2007, but they don't know me particularly well. In the last few years I've made the conscious decision to be very straightforward when answering questions, and this was clear with the answer that I gave them, which went something like this:

Have I considered it? Yes. If you talk to {person} or {person}, they might even talk about some of the plans that I would have tried to implement had I gone through the requisite training and been given a team of people. That said, it's pretty clear that moving up the corporate ladder would be bad for both the organisation and for me. My place is near the bottom of the org chart where I can focus on solving problems.

If this past year has confirmed anything, it's that I am most certainly not cut out for corporate politicking and attending and endless stream of meetings. I need to accomplish things rather than talk about them. There is certainly a time and place for meetings and discussion, but not nearly as often as it appears to be at the day job. My place is very much near the bottom of the totem pole so that I am close enough to the people who earn the money for the company to understand and solve their problems.

Barring an injury that renders me unable to use computers for extended periods of time, the day I become a manager is the day I run my own business and hire people to help me achieve goals.