Deadlines and Other Silliness

I've been letting people at the day job know that my last working day of the year will be Saturday the 22nd so, naturally, I get to start the working week with a number of emails from people frantically scrambling to give me even more to do before I take 3 working days off1. Every one of these messages I saw coming weeks ago as people dawdled and dragged their feet with various decisions. Reminders were sent out and ignored. Pokes on Skype and Slack were treated the same. Today, however, people came at me with the very same statement: We have a deadline.

And by "we", they meant "me".

Workplace Silliness

What's unfortunate for them is that there simply isn't enough time this week to accomplish all of the work that was lined up from last week and the stuff they're throwing on me now. Regardless of whatever deadlines people think might exist, poor planning on their part does not make it an emergency on mine. The tasks I'm doing right now take precedence. "Managers" aren't happy with this, though, and are demanding their own pet projects be placed ahead of the queue as though they were Miranda Priestly. Given the number of national holidays, weekends, and scheduled days off I've worked through in the last three years, I've reached that strange point of cognitive exhaustion where it doesn't matter who a person is or what it is they're saying, the text-based tantrums are comical to read. It really doesn't matter who they think they are. I simply don't care enough to try and save their quarterly targets.

BEHOLD MY FIELD! and all that jazz.

With 13 days off there will be ample time to finish setting up Ubuntu on my notebook2, visit family, play with the boy, play with the dog, bake a bunch of unhealthy foods for people, and enjoy some long walks. With any luck, I'll finish a couple of books and maybe even maintain this daily blogging run. There are most certainly a number of things that I would like to code and deploy with relation to 10Cv5, too. These may prove to be a bit tricker, though, as it involves working around other people's development schedules and domain mappings.

In the 15 minutes this post has taken to write3, two more messages have come in from people saying how important it is that their projects get completed. They've still not answered some of the questions I asked late last month and likely won't have answers until they've completed another round of meetings involving way more people than is necessary, but that's more their problem than mine.

It's already one in the morning, and I'm going to bed.

  1. Wednesday the 26th to Friday the 28th are regular working days. However, by booking these off, I can effectively enjoy 13 days off in a row. So long as servers are not exploding or spitting VHS tape all over the data centre floor, I do not want to even think about the day job after putting the work notepads away in the early morning hours of the 22nd.

  2. There is a little bit of a hiccup with the wireless card when coming out of sleep, so I'll probably need to deep-dive into the driver code to see what's going on. Hopefully this will be an "easy fix" …

  3. Searching for images and editing them to fit just right usually takes the most time.