Can't Leave Well Enough Alone

A few days ago I decided to stop using Dropbox and OneDrive and instead host everything myself with a NextCloud installation running from a "server"1 in my upstairs closet. What I like about this is that I can follow the data from the time it leaves my notebook to the time it lands on the server, and I can verify that the data never left the house. This ensures that information that I put in a synchronised folder will leak a lot less than it would if I were to use one of the commercial offerings that make use of data centres all over the world. As an added bonus, there is also less of a chance of someone pushing a file into my Dropbox or OneDrive account and having it automatically appear on my personal and professional machines2. There are applications for the major desktop and mobile operating systems, and the web interface is clean and easy to use as well. All in all, I like a lot of what NextCloud offers and should have probably done this a while back.

Unfortunately, I just can't leave well enough alone and am already digging into the code of various plugins and core features in order to better understand the system and, in the case of the audio player, fix some functionality issues.

One of these days I might just learn how to install a piece of software and leave it be. Hopefully that day will never arrive.

  1. This server is really just a Lenovo Thinkpad W541 with a beefy Core i7, 32GB of RAM, a terabyte of SSD, and (now) 12TB in USB3-attached storage. It may not be a server in the traditional sense of the word, but it sure as heck can handle most of what I throw at it.

  2. This would be an interesting way to plant incriminating files on a person's machine, or simply distribute malware.