Five Things

Look … I Am My Father

Now that the boy is exploring the concept of cause and effect, he’s pushing his luck in more ways than one. A lot of my day is now spent telling him not to do something because of the consequences. As one would expect, he cares not one bit and will do things regardless of what I say. The last couple of weeks have been particularly exhausting, which has me saying things that my father used to say to me. I do have one new like, though: “Stop making work for me.”

I dislike this part of parenthood, but it’s incredibly important the boy doesn’t grow up to be a jerk.

Christmas Shopping is Done

Three weeks before the big day, all of the gifts and decorations what were on the list this year have been bought. As a result, there’s one less reason to drive the half-hour to the nearest big mall that’s almost always overcrowded with people who pay more attention to their phones than where they’re walking.

I wish Pokémon Go was never created.

C-C-C-C-Cold …

Now that I rarely leave the house during the week aside from walking Nozomi, my body is consistently cold. My legs and bum are much thinner than they were a year ago when I could get about 7km of walking per day, and this has translated into a body that doesn’t generate nearly as much heat as it used to. This weekend the temperature dropped to 3°C at 6:30pm, when Nozomi goes outside one last time for the day, and my hands were aching cold within minutes.

Why don’t we have heated clothes that are always warm?

NextCloud Is Pretty Decent

A few years back I stopped using a personal Dropbox solution called OwnCloud because the software wasn’t very reliable and I was getting worried about how much money I was giving to Amazon every month for the luxury of having the system always available. Now that my home internet connection can he used to host content, I decided to give the newer forked version a try. All in all, it’s pretty darn good. I was able to get NextCloud set up in no time on my home server and it’s now a central place for several family members to share files and have an offsite backup of their important data.

The software has come quite a long way over the last few years. This gives me hope that more people will see the benefits of hosting their own cloud storage.


With December being such a chilly month, the electric blankets have come out early and are keeping everyone comfortable at night. There’s something magical about crawling into bed at the end of the day and finding it’s already warm enough for you. This is a modern luxury everyone should have.

Cell phones are a distraction. Warm blankets are a blessing.