Five Things

Ever since I started doing these “Five Things” posts two weeks ago I’ve looked forward to writing this casual Sunday blog post. This could be due to the shorter nature of each of the five items or the lack of thought that goes into any explanations. Either way, I like the flexibility that is afforded by this style of post and will likely keep it up for a while.

It’s December?

Where did the year go? Just like 2017, this has been both the longest and the fastest year of my life. Long because my trip to the US was in March, yet feels like years ago, and fast because it seems we just started writing 2018 when dating our forms and notes. If 2019 is going to be more of the same, then I’ll probably lose any perception of time beyond a fortnight.

No New Recipes Recently

I haven’t posted any recipes here recently mainly because I haven’t been baking lately. There just hasn’t been enough time, and I’ve not found any interesting recipes to try. As Christmas is fast approaching I’ve considered trying my hand at gingerbread cookies, but would wind up being the only person to eat them. While this doesn’t sound like a bad thing in theory, I’ve recently lost a lot of my appetite for eating snacks or anything outside of regular meals. Not feeling hungry all the time is nice, and my weight has now stabilised at a decent 78.3kg.

Maybe it’s time to find a different kind of recipe to make.

I’d Like a Chair

When I work from home, I’m generally sitting at a dedicated workspace behind the kitchen where I’ve set up the printer, my work-supplied hardware, and a bunch of pens and paper notebooks. Unfortunately, I’ve not yet invested in a proper chair for that area and instead bring one from the kitchen table any time I need to work, then return it afterwards. Given how I’ve worked from home almost every weekday since May of this year, it’s probably time to invest the money into something nice. The only real concern I have is that Nozomi’s fur will likely get stuck in any wheeled chair, so something with standard legs might work better.

No More Podcasts

While I haven’t been publishing any of my own shows recently, I have been helping some local voices with their own shows. Last year one show was picked up by a local radio station, and another was acquired army this year. In November I learned that yet another set of voices has been hired by a local radio station and my production and editing services will no longer be required. All in all I have worked with seven Japanese podcasters. Four quit within two years and three went on to see over 50K downloads per episode and a contract with a radio station in Nagoya or Suzuka. It’s truly a wonderful feeling to see people go from having a rough concept and no idea how to proceed to signing contracts with professional organisations to continue their shows.

That said, now I have no podcast to work on. Perhaps I should just go back to making my own.

Almost Full Stallman

Over the last few years I’ve been pulling back from a lot of what modern computing has become. I trust very few online services, have a very selective JavaScript filter on my browsers, and am almost complete in moving off commercial software platforms. While I’m not yet as paranoid as Richard Stallman, it’s only a matter of time before I get there and do something crazy like write my own OS from scratch again.