Five Things

Search Vectors

Many years ago I was an avid supporter of DuckDuckGo. The service claimed to not track us and the small operation sounded like something I would consider doing if I had the time, resources, and inclination. That said, it wasn’t particularly effective at finding good search results for Japanese or Korean queries. After a brief stint with Bing, I returned to Google and have been using them for Search and Image Search ever since. That said, I’ve recently given DDG another go and am incredibly impressed by the changes.

Search results are incredibly fast, non-English search results generally return exactly what I’m looking for on the first page, and — more interestingly — the quality of the search results is better than Google. This is an Altavista vs. Google circa 1999 sort of difference, only this time it’s Google that’s full of shit.

I’ve already made the switch and will stick with it for the foreseeable future.

Quiet Ride

The new (to us) Mazda Premacy is quite the nice car. After almost a decade driving a Daihatsu Move any vehicle with a V6 is bound to be an upgrade, but the Mazda offers more quiet and comfort than we expected given our short jaunts while test driving the car. It’s actually possible to have a conversation without shouting over the road noise, which is nice.

Exhausting Dreams

Had I flown to the US for the two days of meetings this week, it would have been on Saturday. So it was only fitting that I dream about flying to some big American airport, losing my wallet and passport, and spending an exorbitant amount of time trying to secure passage to corporate HQ. I woke up more exhausted than I went to sleep.

Second Opinions

This past Wednesday I took a look at the v5 Admin theme and strongly disliked what I saw. It wasn’t nearly as simple as is needed. So, choosing to rip the bandaid off all at once, I deleted the theme and started from scratch. What I have now is a much more elegant solution to the problem of presenting everything to someone without being visually busy. Despite having worked on the theme for only six hours, three pages and a couple of language files are already designed and loading nicely. Next step will be to connect the site to the API.

Gloves Required

This year, all I’ll ask for Christmas is a pair of warm leather gloves. My hands are way too cold when Nozomi and I head out for a walk, which takes a lot of fun out of the park. There is a pair of wool gloves that I can wear, but any time I need to take care of Nozomi’s poop the smell seems to stick to them for a few days. Perhaps a leather pair that could be washed in water after returning home, much like I do my hands, would be better.