Tingling Fingers

A few weeks ago my hands started to feel a bit odd. The feeling wasn't like I remember back in 2013, but instead they felt more as though I'd sat on them for a while. The tips of my fingers had a tingle that seemed like a circulation problem. There wasn't any sort of visual cue that something was wrong, as the colour of the skin and fingernails were normal, so I shrugged it off as being nerve-related and tried my best to ignore the issue. This worked relatively well up until Sunday when I injured my left pinkie while helping with the neighbourhood cleanup. The tingling returned with a vengeance and has been persistent ever since.

What gives?

Searching for medical information online is a glorious waste of time and should be classified a misdemeanour given the plethora of bad advice, alarmist claims, and "promoted links" for various pharmaceutical offerings that would likely do more harm than good. Looking at this logically, very few things happen in isolation. Since April the following things have become more apparent:

  • I've lost 14kg
  • My hair has noticeably thinned1
  • I don't walk nearly as much as I used to
  • I rarely interact with people in person aside from the family
  • Speaking has become much more difficult as I search for words (in both English and Japanese)
  • Patience with certain colleagues has all but gone out the window

With this in mind, the underlying problem is going to be one or more of the following issues:

  • burnout caused by the seemingly endless amount of work that needs to be done
  • loss of muscle mass as a result of the more sedentary lifestyle2
  • cabin fever, given that the few times I leave the house is to give Nozomi a short walk through the nearby park

With potential causes identified the next step would be to find solutions. Burnout can be semi-mitigated with better time management and saying "no" to various requests that hit the inbox. Muscles need to be used, otherwise they atrophy. With better time management there are more opportunities to head out for walks around the neighbourhood. Walking around the neighbourhood usually involves meeting people, even if for a few moments. Making some new friends would likely do a world of good, too … as hard as that may be for me.

Will this help solve the tingling fingers? No idea. The next step will be to implement some more change in order to test the hypothesis3.

  1. I still have a full head, mind you. There's a lot more grey to be observed, too.

  2. working from home does have its disadvantages

  3. It's interesting to see how often the topic of better time management comes up on this site. You'd think I'd actually learn how to stick to a better schedule …