Five Things

Double Digits

Over the last few weeks there has been a lovely resurgence in blog posts from the myriad of sites I subscribe to, making for some double-digit badge numbers on the RSS reader every morning. While this tends to happen every autumn as people (likely) spend more time indoors, seeing some of the familiar names and themes in the morning is always good for a smile. Hopefully the trend will continue.

Dry Skin

Every November Nozomi develops a terrible case of dry skin which compels her to scratch like heck at one part of her neck. Unfortunately this means she has a bald spot that gets irritated further every time she goes on a scratching spree. We’ve picked up another bottle of the expensive shampoo that should help with the dry skin, and I hope we won’t need to resort to a cone to protect her neck. She hates looking like a toppled lamp.

Who can blame her?

Anxiety Count

It’s been six months since I’ve started working from home on a more permanent basis and, oddly enough, my feelings of anxiety have drastically gone down. While working in town I would often feel anxiety close to a dozen times a day for all sorts of reasons. Now that number is closer to five on the average working day and two on the weekends. If you had asked me to predict what would happen in March, I would have thought the opposite would take place.

No, No, No, No, No

The boy’s new favourite thing to say. Endlessly. Unless he sees a juice box, an episode of アンパンマン, or his favourite blocks.

Five Things

The inspiration for this post came from someone else’s blog, but I can’t remember where. The gist was that they’d post five quick updates a week in this format, separate from any other posts they might publish. It was done mainly as a light summary of the week.

It’s a nice idea. Maybe not something a lot of people will find terribly interesting, but that’s never stopped me from putting things on this site in the past.