A Little Bit Better

Today, while in Tokyo for a series of meetings, I reached out to a couple of people I’ve openly clashed with in order to get to the bottom of a problem that the company simply has no time to lose to petty politics and protectionist fiefdoms. We were assigned a task nearly a month ago, I’m responsible for making it happen, and they’ve been asked to support by providing the necessary resources when needed. We’re currently three weeks past due on this relatively simple task and, before this week, there did not seem to be any end in sight. Something had to be done.

Over the last year I’ve been investing a great deal of time into becoming a better person and working with different teams of people. This often means finding the common ground and speaking plainly, being careful to not let the politics embedded within various groups to get in the way of a positive result. Today I think some very positive progress was made. Now the hard part of maintaining that positivity will be needed.

There are better uses of time and energy than petty corporate bickering, and these better uses are getting easier to find.