Unnecessary Concern

Over the last week a number of people have commented on my weight. Historically this would mean that I was gaining weight at an observable rate however, since I started working from home more often, I've maintained a steady, average weekly weight of 78.8kg while becoming noticeably slimmer. Rarely do I walk more than a kilometre a day anymore and, because everything I need is in my house, rarely do I venture outside aside from the occasional walk with Nozomi. Given the split working days, getting any outdoor time is incredibly difficult to arrange. While many people are happy to fit into smaller-sized clothes, I am beginning to dislike what it results in.

Stephen King — Thinner

For most of my adult life, my body has fluctuated by about 15kg every 18 months. I gain some then I lose some. When I gain weight, family and friends will point it out a couple of times. When I lose weight, colleagues join in by telling me how much "better" I look on a much more frequent basis. Lately, though, people are asking if I'm feeling alright. Despite being roughly the same weight every day for the last three months, my health has become one of the first topics of discussion that anyone wants to discuss. Have I really become so frail-looking that people are genuinely concerned that I'm battling a disease? Nothing appears out of place when I look in the mirror. Are people seeing something that I cannot?

Most of my life has been spent around people who refrain from discussing physical appearances unless something's not quite right, so the topic of my appearance is one that I'd rather not entertain for more than a moment. I can certainly appreciate that people who ask are likely concerned about my health, but I'm hardly skin and bones. Last I checked, there is still a visible — but not excessive — amount of fat around my stomach and thighs. As far as I can tell, it's all good.