I Never Stopped

Earlier this week I received a short email from a reader:

Hey Jason,

Glad to see you’re back to daily blogging. It gives me a reason to open my RSS app again.

The sentiment is nice, but I never left blogging. Some months were busier than others, resulting in fewer posts making it to publication, but there has always been something written every day. What’s different for the moment is that the revision process has been ditched, probably until November 1st. By doing this, a post will go out every day for 50 days, and then I can look at whether it makes sense to go back to the old way of blogging, or stick with the more dynamic method. There are pros and cons for each but, one thing I can say with near certainty, is that the quality of my posts has not changed. They’re still the same consistent, repetitive blocks of text that come across more as a stream of consciousness than something I tried to convey with any clarity.

Back in 2009 I tried to write an essay a week on a topic that was chosen by the group of bloggers I associated with. However, these went away as more people found microblogging more compelling than long-form writing. It would be nice to try something like this again, but I wonder if there’d be anyone interested in doing something similar. Essay formats take a pretty good amount of time to research, structure, write, and edit. Perhaps an informal essay ….

Writing is an important part of the day for me. While I may not be particularly good at it, setting aside the time and removing the distractions to get it done is rewarding in and of itself.

All this said, expect a post a day for this entire month of October, plus the first of November1. Given that I made a blogging platform, there’s not much chance of me “going away” anytime soon.

Also, thanks for reading :)

  1. I always aim to publish something on the first of the month, anyway.