Stars in the Night Sky

The working schedule this week is quite a bit different as I am remotely participating in meetings with colleagues on the other side of the planet. What this means is that when they all stop for lunch, my clock reads 1:30am and the stomach is not at all interested in food. That said, this is a lovely time of day to head out for some fresh air and look at the night sky.

Telescope on a Mount

One of the many nice surprises of living in the new house is the clarity of the night sky. For most of the 11 years I've spent in Japan, the vast majority of stars have been obscured by light pollution. Even from the old apartment, a mere 4.2km from the new house, a person would be hard pressed to observe more stars than are in Orion's Belt without some sort of ocular assistance. That said, looking at the night sky from my yard, I can observe hundreds of stars with the naked eye.

As the boy grows up and learns about the universe, I would very much like to show him things that my parents could not show me. I'd like to get a nice telescope — ideally with a camera mount — to witness some of the interesting things that make our local part of the galaxy so intriguing.