No Fancy Bread

A couple of weekends have passed since my last recipe post and a lot of this has to do with having a sick child at home. As anyone who has had kids or grew up with younger siblings will know, a young person will cough unabashedly over anything and everything in the house while they're ill. As someone who enjoys cooking and eating clean food, this means not doing anything special for a little while. Runny noses and excessive coughing aside, though, this illness has been good for the boy as it's his first time to have caught a cold. Hopefully his immune system will take this lesson in viral infections and become stronger as a result.

Thinking back to my own childhood, I don't remember being sick very often after recovering from a but of the chicken pox when I was around eight years old. That was not at all fun, and I still carry a scar from one sore that would break open every time I slept on my stomach, but it set me up to better protect myself against contagions. Not being one to seek physical contact with people, it was easy to completely refrain from coming into contact with classmates. I made a conscious effort to not touch things at school unless they were mine. I never ate around others. A self-imposed isolation to get around the very real problem of picking up germs.

This didn't mean I was a complete germaphobe, but I was very careful about how I interacted with the world. A lot of these habits continue to this day, though I cannot avoid physical contact with the boy or Nozomi. As a result, I am fortunate enough to say that I'm generally healthy most every day of the year. When I do catch something, though, it's a doozy.

As a result of all the proximity to a sick boy who coughs right in people's faces without restrain, I do have a bit of a sore throat. Wearing a mask does help a bit, but one can only block so much. Hopefully I won't get much more than a runny nose. The boy, however, is starting to feel much better after four days of medicine. He'll continue to have a cough for another week or so, and will probably carry around whatever virus he has for a week beyond that, but he's returning to his energetic self. Hopefully this will mean a return to the yummy bread recipes before October.