The Blue Bridge

When Nozomi and I go for a walk, we typically head 130 metres south to the Hatta River. There are a pair of walking paths on the south bank, and it's a great place for the puppy to exercise her nose while I enjoy the view. With less than two weeks to go before we move to our new home and bid farewell to these familiar parks, I thought it would be nice to have Nozomi try and cover as much ground as we could so she could get "one last sniff" of the various routes we've taken over the years. While she's not young or energetic enough to manage the 5km+ walks we used to enjoy, she can still enjoy a good 1500m walk without needing a little break. For this reason, we made a slight detour along our regular route to make one final crossing of The Blue Bridge.

Looking South Across the Blue Bridge

The Blue Bridge is not the proper name for this pedestrian bridge, but it's the most apt name I could come up with. Many years ago the city decided that bridges in close proximity to others would be painted different colours. The red bridge that Nozomi and I usually walk across is just 80 meters west of this one, and a yellow pedestrian bridge is another 80 meters further. Because this bridge bounces as people walk across it, Nozomi is not too keen on this route. That said, once she's on the bridge proper her nose gets to work tracing the paths of all the other animals that have crossed the shallow river the same way.

Nozomi Enjoying a Break

There are close to a dozen bridges spanning the Hatta river within walking distance for the puppy and I. Hopefully we'll have enough time and good weather to revisit them all before exploring a new series of parks in the next city.