Moving Closer Towards IndieWeb and

Over the last few days I've invested some extra time into getting 10Centuries and on some rudimentary speaking terms. After quite a bit of guess and test plus a little bit of information from @manton, it's now completely feasible to have posts go from 10C to … with just a little bit of configuration.

Cross-posting does not happen with every post, as it does not make logical sense to do so. A conversation on one network does not always translate to another, so replies will not be sent from 10C to In addition to this, the auto-generated "New Post" posts that announce when a new article is published to a blog will not be sent over. In the future these will be customisable decisions but, for the time being, they're global. In addition to this, posts published on will not be read into 10C … yet. This is a preliminary step towards the next version of my platform, which will be based on IndieWeb principles, play nicely with other tools, and be available for download to people who wish to host their own content.

How to Set Up Cross-Posting to

Setting up cross-posting to can be done in as little as 3-steps:

  1. Open the Account page on micro blog
  2. Click the "Edit Feeds & Cross Posting" button (or click the link here)
  3. Add your 10C-powered website, with /socials added at the end

micro blog Account Page

This Might Interest You

When social posts are sent to with a link to a URL different from the website address in your account profile, the link to that post will be added to the end of everything sent to

No Thanks

If you don't want to see this, you'll need to set your 10C website in the account profile. The rest will take care of itself.

This Might Also Be Of Interest

Would you like to have a "verified" checkmark next to your website on No problem. On your 10Centuries profile page, add your username to the appropriate spot and press "Save". Then go back to and save the profile again. This will force the service to check your 10C site, looking for the rel="me" link that was added to your blog after saving your profile.

Not The Easiest Process In The World

This is not at all an easy thing for most people, but I hope the process is understandable. As I get more feedback, I fully plan on simplifying this process even more. By the time 10Cv5 is available for download, I'm hoping it's down to just 2 steps1 or less.

One of my many goals for this year is to drastically improve 10Centuries and make it available for people as part of the IndieWeb community. By making these tools easier to use, I hope to lower the barrier to entry that keeps a lot of good people from trying to take control of their online identity.

  1. I could get it down to two steps by asking for the app token, then having the 10C API coordinate with the API and get things configured … but another day