All Good Things

Nozomi and I have covered a lot of ground in the neighbourhood since moving here almost seven years ago. Every park in a three kilometre radius with grass has been visited at least once. Every path for jogging and walking has been trekked at least once. Every large rock that puts off the slightest whiff of pheromones has been sniffed (by Nozomi). In five weeks' time, Nozomi and I will have a whole new neighbourhood with new parks to explore. To make matters more interesting, we may even have a new participant with some of our daily walks.

Nozomi and I Returning Home via "The Poopy Park"

So while many of the places that Nozomi has come to know and enjoy over the vast majority of her life will be too far for her to visit in the very near future, new people, places, and (hopefully) puppies await. I just hope she enjoys our new home as much as she's enjoyed this one.