Ideal Working Spaces

Given the opportunity to design your ideal working space, what would it look like? This is something I've thought a lot about over the last few years, particularly when employed as a developer, and is a topic that came up quite often during the design phase of the house Reiko and I are having built. In this home I'll have a bit of a dedicated space where it will be possible to set my computer down to do some work and — most importantly — leave the machine where it is at the end of the day. While a lot of people take desks and personal working space as a given, it's something I've not really had for well over a decade. At the end of every day, I need to put everything away so that my working area can be used by other people. This is true both at the day job, where I work inside a seldom-used classroom, and at home.

Given an unlimited budget or a very lenient employer, my ideal working space would be inside a library. One with large windows, row upon row of books, and clean tables where people come and go while respecting everyone else's space. Something along the lines of the image below, which is one of the many reading rooms at the University of Zurich, would suit me quite well.

Reading Room 2 at University of Zurich

What's unfortunate is that this sort of environment is quite difficult to have in one's home without vast reserves of wealth; something I will never possess. So, to keep things a little more realistic, my ideal working space for now would be a wide desk next to a window, where I could have my notebook connected to an external monitor or two, my podcasting equipment out and ready at any time, and a decent chair that would not make my body start to hurt after a few hours. Something like the image below, only in a better-lit room.

A Clean, Decent Working Space

What's great about having a dedicated workspace in the new house, aside from the fact that it's actually dedicated, is that Nozomi's sleeping mat will be right beside the desk. This will make it easier for her to remind me to take regular breaks and to get outside for some fresh air. Wins all around!

Of course, I'll be sure to share some pictures after the house is complete and everything gets set up. Only another few weeks to go!