The last seven days have been pretty rough for reasons that partially elude me. The "Demons of Self-Doubt" have been incredibly loud, but this is nothing new. Stresses at the day job have reached new highs for what is actually a very silly reason that I take way too seriously. A lack of "walking with the puppy" time is also bothering me. In isolation these are all tiny issues, yet they seem to be bothering me a lot more recently than usual. To add insult to injury, I'm seeing a much smaller amount of traffic on 10C-powered sites and services, which means people are moving to better systems that are actively supported and better align with certain goals and expectations. I'm in yet another burn-out-induced slump.

The Slump

With me — and many others I'm sure — slumps often lead to a slight depression that can extend for weeks. This certainly seems to be the case as of late given my state of mind and recent thought patterns. What makes no sense is the lack of a concrete reason for this particular mental state. Life is generally really, really positive right now, and is vastly superior to what it was in 1998 when I slipped into a six year depression and self-imposed isolation period as a result of "stuff". What is there to be negative about?

Unfortunately, being a human is hard. We can be handed the world on a platter and wind up disappointed because there wasn't any pepper to go with our side of fries. When I hit ruts like this I try to spend more time with Nozomi as she's one of the only souls who can bring a smile to my face regardless the situation. She's helped me get through a lot just by being her consistent, non-judgemental self. She has the patience of Job and a heart of solid gold. Unfortunately, I cannot bring my dog to work, so Nozomi spends her days at home.

Maybe I should just start working from home more often? Productivity drops through the floor when I do, but Nozomi is generally right there. More than this, I'd be more readily available for the boy when he needs a bit of extra attention or a different parent to keep things generally calm. In time we could all work out a mostly-agreeable working schedule that would allow productivity to remain high enough that the day job is happy. But would this be enough?

One of the many things that I really dislike about these slumps is the indecisiveness that comes along with it. It's hard to focus. It's hard to make a decision. It's hard to accomplish anything.