January 2018 Review

The second month of personal goal-setting has come to a close, so that means it's time to look back and see whether I've succeeded or failed to meet the relatively simple expectations that were set about 31 days ago.

A ToDo List

Under the optimistic heading of creativity & hobbies I stated that I wanted to write 10 blog posts, publish an episode of DDM every day of the month, and read 1 technical book and 1 fiction novel. Unfortunately, I managed to publish only 7 blog posts on this site. Everything else on the list was attacked with vigour and enjoyed. Heck, for the technical books, I didn't read just one, but two and am midway through a third. On the fiction side, I read David Mack's Fortune of War1 and am looking for something slightly different to read in the coming month.

For family I wanted to spend 4 days this month "computer free" and bake something new. Oddly enough I was able to take 5 days away from the computer during January, and even managed to bake a pumpernickel bread on the 7th, which I had forgotten about when recording today's episode of Doubtfully Daily Matigo. Time flies ….

At work I aimed to complete the core 4.2 updates and prepare the 4.3 "Portal" demo to knock some socks off in Tokyo on the 16th. Socks were knocked off, though my concept for the portal was not chosen. Version 4.2 of the LMS is still in development for a number of reasons but, with luck, it'll be done quite soon.

So there we go. Not exactly a perfect month, but better than I had initially expected. February will be a bit more modest, I think.

Creativity & Hobbies

  • write 10 blog posts ⇠ for realz!
  • continue to publish an episode of DDM every day this month
  • read 1 technical book and 1 non-Star Trek novel
  • complete the UI design of the 10C Podcasting app


  • spend 4 days "computer free"
  • continue packing away more of the house in preparation for April's move
  • read an English-language book to the boy on weekends before bed2
  • bring Nozomi to the big park one last time before the move


  • get the visa and other requisite documentation ready for a trip to the US mid-March
  • get Version 4.2 of the LMS out the darn door
  • begin putting together a series of training sessions to be delivered in the US

Hopefully February will be just as decent as January, if not more so. The goals here are not impossible, though they do require time to be properly allocated and protected.

  1. a Star Trek: Titan book

  2. he currently gets a lot of Japanese books read to him, since that what we have more of. That said, we do have a number of English books I'm sure he enjoys, too.