December 2017 Review

At the beginning of December I wrote a short little post that looked at the rising popularity of monthly reviews as a way for people to set and — hopefully — reach realistic short-term goals. At the bottom of the post were a few of my own goals, and so now it's time to see how well I did against my own objectives.

ToDo List

Under "Creativity & Hobbies", I laid out the following objectives:

  • write 10 blog posts
  • publish 5 podcasts (probably Doubtfully Daily Matigo shows)
  • read 2 technical books and 1 fiction novel

By the end of the month I had written 11 blog posts, published zero podcasts, finished one technical book and made it through about 80% of another plus a recently published Star Trek novel. Not great, but not bad, either. With regards to the podcasts, that's something that I've actually started to do since January 1, and the daily publication of episodes is going swimmingly thus far.

With family, I had the following goals:

  • spend 8 days this month "computer free"
  • get Christmas stuff sent to family in Canada by the 6th

The 8 days without using the computer was easy, as there were 11 days last month where my notebook was left in the work bag. Sending stuff to Canada by the 6th was a bit too optimistic, but stuff was sent last month and should have been received in Southern Ontario by now.

For work, there were two LMS-related items:

  • finish development of v4.2 updates
  • begin work on documentation of v4.2

I received the last of the data I needed from a couple of departments on December 30th and, with this data, I can now begin the 8-day process of building the necessary functionality. Suffice it to day, I have not yet completed the 4.2 updates and am quite a bit overdue. As for documentation, I have begun work on it. The process will take several weeks, so it's not even close to being complete.

So there we go. Not a particularly successful month despite everything that was done. With this in mind, January's goals will be much less ambitious.

Creativity & Hobbies

  • write 10 blog posts
  • publish an episode of DDM every day this month
  • read 1 technical book and 1 fiction novel


  • spend 4 days this month "computer free"
  • bake something new


  • complete the core 4.2 updates
  • prepare the 4.3 "Portal" demo to knock some socks off in Tokyo on the 16th

This shouldn't be too hard to meet. The challenge will be the 4 computer-free days, as there's a lot to get done.